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Protect PDFs Better than Normal PDF Restricting Tools

UNLIKE normal PDF encryption and protection utilities only adding restrictions on PDF files, PDF Anti-Copy reprocesses all the words and graphics on the sensitive PDF pages to secure PDF documents, without changing the original content formatting. Processed PDF files could be opened and viewed by PDF Readers, but copying and converting the content on the Anti-Copy Pages will not work even the cracker uses the PDF unlocking or restriction removing programs.

PDF Anti-Copy
PDF Anti-Copy Download DOWNLOAD PDF Anti-Copy V2.6 (14 MB - Installer/EXE)
Portable Version (25 MB - ZIP)
OS: Win 11 / Win 10 / Win 8 / Win 7 / Vista / XP (64/32 bit) or Latest

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PDF Anti-Copy Features

PDF Text Anti-copy PDF Text Anti-copy
No Password Required No Password Required Protection & Encryption
Prevent Converting Prevent Converting to editable formats like MS Word, Excel and TXT etc.
Page range Protection Selective PDF Page Protection
PDF Restriction Restrict PDF to protect from printing
PDF Permission Global PDF permission prohibits copy function
Remain PDF Layout Keep the original PDF Layout and quality
Clean Software 100% Clean

Multiple Languages

English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Simplified/Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Vietnamese, Turkish, Danish, Armenian.

Examples of PDF Protection Processing by PDF Anti-Copy

Before Processing Processed
(Open in PDF Reader)
Text could be selected and copied
(Open in PDF Reader)
Text could NOT be selected and copied
Can be copied Copying protected
(Convert to MS Word)
The PDF has been converted to MS DOC
(Convert to MS Word)
The content of MS Word DOC is BLANK or Non-text Image
PDF File Converted PDF to Word Converting Protected
(Convert to TXT)
The PDF has been converted to TXT
(Convert to TXT)
The Converted TXT is EMPTY or Non-text Image
Converted PDF to text Converting to Text Protected
(Disable PDF Printing Lock)
The PDF Printing Function is Allowed
(Enable PDF Printing Lock)
The PDF Printing Function is Locked
Print PDF allowed Printing PDF prevented

PDF Anti-Copy is a Windows PDF security utility that prevents PDF text from being copied and converted to editable formats. After processed by this tool, your important PDF content could be viewed, but will never be copied and converted to editable formats like Word, Excel and TXT.

Download PDF Anti-Copy V2.6 Installer (14 MB - EXE)
Portable Version (25 MB - ZIP)

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Reviewed by Softonic:
PDF Anti-Copy Review

Protect PDF from Copying, Printing or Editing in Word

With the advent of technology comes the increased risk of information theft. As creators of ideas, we have to be protected from any threat more than ever. In the realm of PDF conversion, a Windows software application has been developed to cater to our security needs: PDF Anti-Copy, the newest and best solution for PDF conversion.

The following are the key security features of this newest solution:


While most PDF converters fail to protect information from being copied under the PDF format, PDF Anti-Copy prevents any user from transferring classified data to unauthorized locations. Anyone who tries to highlight text, for example, is not given the chance to do so with the extensive PDF processing of this software.

Preventing converting PDF to editable file formats:

Another problem that most converters fail to respond to is the ease on converting the PDF to other file formats, thus allowing unwanted ownership of intellectual material. PDF Anti-Copy solves this loophole, removing any opportunity for tech thieves to operate.

Protecting from unauthorized PDF printing:

Cannot be copied? Cannot be converted into other file formats? While those have been guaranteed, a way out still remains for the desperate: printing. PDF Anti-Copy creators have anticipated this strategy, thus ensuring that the software does not allow the printing option when files are opened in any PDF reader.

PDF Anti-Copy ensures unblemished content after conversion:

Yes, your PDF files are protected. Yes, you are free from security threats. However, is your content still intact? The bane of other PDF converting tools in the market is the threat on the original content of the owner. After conversion, even if the information is free from being duplicated, its integrity is no longer similar to the original file in some cases. With PDF Anti-Copy, this is not a worry. Whatever the work is will remain word-per-word.

Apart from the unmatched security, PDF Anti-Copy boasts its other relevant advantages against competitors:


Unlike other PDF conversion programs, this software does not require users to remember long passwords just to protect pages. Gone are the days of hassle because of lengthy processes to ensure protection. With PDF Anti-Copy, once converted, you can trust that your information is safe.

Apart from the friendly user experience, the technology is also available in various languages such as Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, and Greek so that user information is protected whichever part of the globe you are!

Download PDF Anti-Copy now at here, try it on some of your files, and be a witness to the out-of-this-world security, exclusively delivered by PDF Anti-Copy.

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Download PDF Anti-Copy V2.6 Installer (14 MB - EXE)
Portable Version (25 MB - ZIP)

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for the translation for PDF Anti-Copy.